The State and SFR leave Numergy, another failure of the French cloud

by bold-lichterman

The State is about to withdraw its interests placed in the cloud operator Numergy. The sovereign cloud, piloted by the public authorities, is therefore experiencing a new failure, after that of Cloudwatt, which was sold in early 2015. The other shareholder SFR, (at 47%), is also seeking to leave the ship, to after Digital Factory. The State has a 33% presence through Caisse des Dépôts, with the IT group Bull (20%), acquired by Atos in 2014.

A stake, which, as one of our experts prophesied, was doomed to failure: “This sovereign cloud has almost as many chances of success as the idea of ​​creating a French-style search engine ( launched in 2005 with the Quaero initiative), wrote on Frenchweb Olivier Ezratty a year ago. And to affirm:

Olivier-EzrattyIn the digital world as elsewhere, industrial strategies of a protectionist nature do not work. The number one mistake is to focus on our internal market, which weighs less than 3% of the global digital market. This is the case of the famous “sovereign cloud” which led to the creation of Cloudwatt and Numergy. These two companies accumulate the shortcomings of French-style innovation driven by large companies and the State and in particular a shareholding and governance incompatible with the spirit of market conquest that they should have.

Numergy’s French-style cloud will therefore not be able to compete with the offers of American giants, such as Amazon Cloud Services. While it has just celebrated its three years, Numergy claims “a presence in 40% of CAC 40 accounts”. It remains that in 2014, its turnover reached only 2 million euros.

With the resale of SFR, its future is even more uncertain as the orders of the telecom operator accounted for nearly 80% of its turnover, we learned. a year ago. Numergy will probably not be able to meet its objective of recruiting more than 300 people by 2017 (currently less than 100 people).