The startup of the day: Basilic uses key indicators to facilitate decision-making

by bold-lichterman

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Frenchweb invites you today to discover, a startup based in Suresnes, in the Paris region, which publishes solutions that “aim to control and then improve performance on the web”. More details with Olivier Constant and Anh-Tuan Gai, two of the five co-founders.

Frenchweb: How did you get theidée of your companyété?

Olivier Constant and Anh-Tuan Gai : It is the market that blew it to us. We were already convinced that more than the lack of data and their fragmentation was an obstacle to making optimal decisions and that we could not separate technical and business analytical performance. At the end of April 2013, we were working in another company when a prospect, a major French media outlet, told us of their need to have better visibility on their performance as felt by their users.

In collaboration with an expert, we decided to develop a prototype to meet this need. At the end of June, the prototype was being used by several media and e-commerce sites. We then made the decision to industrialize the prototype and create Basilic to market the solution.

What need do you bring a réanswer?

On the Web, technical and commercial performance are linked. However, technical and commercial activities are often driven with different analytical tools; decisions are made based on a partial view of the business.

Basilic is developing a decision support tool common to all those involved (technical and sales teams, managers, executives), dedicated to Web activities, which enables better decisions to be made based on a global view of key indicators of the company. For example:

  • what type of page should be optimized in priority to maximize revenue?
  • which web host to choose to reduce response times and optimize SEO?
  • how to plan a marketing campaign with the technical teams to maximize the return on investment?

Any company with strong stakes (image, income, loyalty, etc.) needs reliable data that can be easily used by everyone in the organization.

Very simply, how do you make money?

Our services are accessible by subscription with very flexible packages and options. The advantage is to be able to start at a very affordable cost basis and to evolve according to the needs and the means of our customers.

The cost of our solution should relate directly to adding value to our customers and not to a long list of features designed to push customers into a higher subscription to access the functionality they need.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are the companies that offer common decision support solutions to technical and commercial teams, and today they are not legion. Among the closest, we could cite Soasta.

What or at which companyétés Are you being compared by mistake?

Marketing profiles confuse us with Google Analytics, Omniture or ATInternet. Technical profiles confuse us with New Relic or AppDynamics. However, none of these tools makes it possible to precisely measure the correlation between technical and commercial performance.

FW: She has été lone of the firstères problemématics in your dédevelopment, and how did you deal with it?

We are fortunate to form a team that is both complementary and experienced. The problem lies mainly in the importance of the evolutions and the functionalities that we wish to develop.

Our team resources are not infinite, the key is to effectively and intelligently prioritize our roadmap. We remedy this by relying heavily on the discussions we have with our contacts (customers, partners, prospects, etc.).

On this marketé, what is your main asset?

Our main asset is our agility. Our culture and our skills allow us to quickly provide our clients with changes directly linked to their immediate concerns. Our philosophy aims to have an approach lean and to offer our customers a time to market fast and regular functional iterations rather than a single large project with significant costs and risks of drift.

What is the best advice that lwe gave youé and by whom?

A phrase from Winston Churchill that has accompanied me for years: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, what matters is to continue. “

What is the personalityé that you admire the most?

Galileo, Joseph Kessel

Founders: Olivier Constant, Anh-Tuan Gai, Nicolas Fouché, Alexandre Fouché and Sébastien Fieloux

Investors: founders

Dated of création: October 2013

Number of employeeés : 5

Digits dbusiness : NC

Société lowée at : Suresnes