The start-up of the day: Qivivo, the connected object that reduces your energy bills

by bold-lichterman

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Frenchweb invites you today to discover Qivivo, a Nantes start-up which has created a box object to reduce your energy bills. More details with Andrien Suire, the president.

Frenchweb: How did you get the idea for your company?

qivivo-logoAdrien Suire : The idea was to offer an affordable solution to reduce the energy bill as quickly as possible. Heating, which represents 65% of an energy bill of over 1,600 euros (average amount of energy bills), is controlled by a thermostat. Not very practical, rigid in its programming, unintelligent, I told myself that we had to reinvent the thermostat to optimize the energy consumption of the home while simplifying the user experience.

As a former innovation manager at a car manufacturer on intelligent management of fuel consumption without degrading comfort, the idea was therefore to transpose part of this know-how into the home.

What need are you responding to?

Qivivo’s idea is based on the ambition that everyone can regain control over their energy consumption and comfort without being constrained. The Qibox thermostat meets this latent need and also allows you to control your heating remotely. In addition, renovation is something that worries the French but it is expensive.

Thanks to patented technology and after several weeks of learning, we are able to recommend work adapted to the thermal profile of the home. All this, from the Qibox box and a dashboard reproducing the heating periods, taking into account solar gains, insulation … allowing a better understanding of your energy bill.

Very simply, how do you make money?

Paradoxically, by offering an inexpensive solution, therefore accessible to all. Our aim is to democratize energy savings, not to reserve them for a few “happy few”. For those who want to save even more, we offer a subscription of more than 4 euros per month to the Qivivo Smart service, which makes it possible to achieve an additional 15% on their energy bill while improving comfort. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a service that adapts the heating to the lifestyle and thermal profile of the home and anticipates temperature variations.

In the end, subscribing allows you to save nearly € 200 per year after deducting the cost of the subscription.

qivivo-3Who are your competitors?

The only competitor that has a smart energy management offering is Nest, but we are not yet competing in the same territories.

What or which company are you being compared to in error?

Our customers can compare us to Netatmo or Delta Dore, French companies that also offer connected thermostats.

But our offer goes much further, simplifying the lives of households by making connected objects intelligent and autonomous. Quite simply because it will become complicated for users to have 10-15 objects to control with different applications.

Our solution goes beyond current connected thermostats which do not take into account the presence data of occupants in the home or sudden variations in outside temperatures, for example. With our service, the heating automatically adapts to the lifestyle of the inhabitants and their environment. It collects information on the probability of occupancy of the home, on the thermal reactions of the home to the wind or the sun, coupled with indications from weather stations.

To understand and anticipate the presence and periods of heating while taking into account the external (free) heat input, this data is processed on our servers by what are called “predictive commands”, intelligent algorithms. The service will anticipate meteorological needs, to turn on the heating only when necessary and guarantee comfort and savings.

What was one of the first issues in your development, and how did you deal with it?

The first problem was the industrial part. With the limited means that we had, it was not easy to release a product with such technology and hardware with longer decision cycles than if it was the design of software. The second and most important challenge was the amount of time required for the algorithms to be fine-tuned by the thermal engineers and engineers at Qivivo and the understanding of the results of the test carried out on 70 households for 1 year.

What is your main asset in this market?

The thermostat works with a simple internet connection, the ‘hardware’ is on external servers, therefore more scalable over time. It is a solution for everyone, simple and autonomous, with a return on investment in one year. In addition, Qivivo is also responsive and friendly customer service because it is fundamental to be close to our customers to continue to innovate.

What is the best advice you have been given and by whom?

Yannick Perrigot, director of the Windreport communication agency, taught me to describe my vision of Qivivo and defend my convictions, in order to free myself from the obstacles I felt in explaining them.

What is the personality that inspires you?

A mix of Henri Ford, Xavier Niel and Tony Hsieh.

Founder: Adrien Suire

Investors: NC

Creation date : september 2012

Number of employees : 9

Sales figures : NC

Company based in: Nantes