The return of Geekement Correct, the daily podcast of new technologies

by bold-lichterman

Created in November 2007 for geeks by Ravana, the podcast had about fifty episodes before stopping in May 2009. Its audience then flirted with the 10,000 videos viewed per week.

Geekement Correct returns today in a new daily formula and more general public. He will address himself to “the generation who thinks that being a geek is spending the day on Facebook!” “. A application Dedicated Facebook will also make it possible to follow the podcast on the social network.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the podcast will be devoted to the news of new technologies through mainstream subjects (very popular security, Facebook, mobile, etc.) but also series / films and music. Tuesdays and Fridays will give pride of place to interviews and product tests.

Here is the first episode of this new season: