The Prixing application sold to the Highco group

by bold-lichterman

The application allows you to compare the prices charged by scanning the barcode of a product.


The assets of Prixing, which belonged to Epic Dream, were sold for an unknown amount to HighCo, a group specializing in marketing solutions in the retail sector. The operation took the form of a sale of business assets. Prixing claims nearly 1.6 million downloads since its launch in early 2011. Brands such as Nestlé or Orangina Schweppes have called on it for virtual couponing operations.

Didier Chabassieu, CEO of HighCo declares that “the acquisition of Prixing […] is fully in line with our strategy of digitizing all of our offers ”. For its part, Epic Dream announces that the funds from the sale will be allocated to new projects, the first concerned will be unveiled Thursday.

Available on iOS and Android, the Prixing application offers a smartphone to obtain information about a product by scanning its barcode. It thus becomes possible to obtain prices on the Internet but also in the surrounding stores and to be offered good deals if they exist.