The Phone House hangs up –

by bold-lichterman

The subsidiary of the American Best Buy formalizes the end of its activities after the closure of 79 stores and the elimination of 246 positions.

The Phone House announces the end of its own distribution activities in France in view of the demonstrated non-viability of its distribution model », Indicates the official press release.

The reasons for this closure are linked in particular to the contracts called into question with certain operators such as Bouygues Telecom, which then entrusted it with the sale of its packages. Orange had, at the beginning of the month, given a year of reprieve to The Phone House, the operator represents 52% of the brand’s sales.

The arrival of Free Mobile on the market and MVNO offers have hit the network’s activities hard. The telephony distributor in France specifies that it is looking for solutions to keep jobs, in particular through the resale of their stores. But we expect the loss of 1,200 jobs, not counting franchisees.

The Phone House is 50% owned by US BtoC electronics distributor Best Buy, which recently announced it is pulling out of Europe. The American will sell its shares to its partner Carphone Wharehouse Group, which owns the rest of The Phone House.