The Octagon, Genki’s blockchain-based voice assistant to improve the experience of travelers and hoteliers

by bold-lichterman

Contrary to popular belief, the blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrencies and only the world of finance. At least, this is the conviction of Réda Berrehili, who wants to rely on this information storage and transmission technology to reinvent the hotel sector. Two years ago, the entrepreneur, co-founder of Squarebreak, a residential rental platform bought by AccorHotels last year, took the plunge by launching a new project. With his expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, he decided to create the start-up Genki (“Good energy” in Japanese) to make life easier for travelers and hoteliers alike.

To do this, the one that some Moroccan media have called “Maroccan Mark Zuckerberg” (no less!) Has set about developing with his team a new kind of vocal assistant. Called “the Octagon”, it allows you to launch a film, reserve a private driver, adjust the temperature of a room or even order champagne simply from the voice, propelling the good old telephone from the room to oblivion. “The Octagon is positioned as a replacement for the old-school hotel telephone», Considers Réda Berrehili.

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Genki: the key data

Founder: Reda Berrehili
Creation: 2016
The head office : Paris
Activity: smart-assistant for the hospitality industry
Workforce: 10 collaborators