The Napoleons: heard in Arles …

by bold-lichterman

For their tenth summit, Les Napoleons invited their community to reflect on the theme of heritage and transmission under the sun of Arles, in the south of France. For four days, more than 500 people who are all players in innovation, from the media, communication, digital, advertising and even creative industries, discussed the subject. Discussions were fueled by the various workshops and keynotes offered to participants between the Ancient Theater, the Van Gogh Foundation and the Cour de l’Archevêché. Present in Arles, FrenchWeb picked up a few strong sentences spoken during the summit. Selected pieces.

  • Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris

The main issue today is the climate issue. “

he there is resistance to change, but this is nothing new. Those we hear the most are those who want to slow down change. I think it is not the majority of the population.

Since 2014, Anne Hidalgo has declared war on cars in the capital and does not intend to change course to make Paris a city more in line with the environment. More recently, she has also pledged to “end the anarchy” in the streets of Paris caused by free-floating electric bikes and scooters. Not yet officially a candidate for re-election, she should nevertheless try to run for a second term in 2020 to lead Paris for six more years. A mandate during which the 2024 Olympic Games will take place, which the IOC wishes to be as responsible and ecological as possible.

  • Christiane Taubira, Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice from 2012 to 2016

There are two instruments for transmission: being and words.

Politics needs the verb. Or lhe political speech, and particularly that of power, has deleted a number of words. She notably deleted the words hhospitality, solidarity and fraternity. Political speech today is poor and icy. These proscribed words must be brought back to the fore.

Christiane Taubira received the best ovation from the summit in the Ancient Theater of Arles. A true icon of the left since her fierce fight to defend the law on marriage for all, she advocates the importance of words and culture to face a world that is more divided every day.

  • Frédéric Bordage, founder of GreenIT

5G is the toy of a spoiled rotten digital child. It’s useless. In Africa, we save lives with two 2G SMS.

Frédéric Bordage campaigns for responsible digital technology that is more respectful of the environment. Often seen as the ultimate solution to our environmental problems, digital technology can also contribute to global warming. According to a report by “The Shift Project”, just online videos, boosted by video streaming and pornographic content, represent nearly 1% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Frédéric Bordage, founder of GreenIT, Walter Bouvais, co-founder of Open Lande, and Lucas Menget, deputy editor of Franceinfo, during the tenth Napoleons summit, in Arles in July 2019. Credit: Maxence Fabrion – Decode Media .
  • Nicolas Arpagian, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs at Orange Cyberdefense

With digital technology, the notion of social landfill is no longer possible.

You should never think with the eyes of today’s technology. Let us not be passive and blissful users of a technology.

We are opposed to fear marketing.

To hide a corpse, put it on page 3 of Google searches, no one will go that far.

In a cyberspace in which attacks are increasing in number, Nicolas Arpagian insists on the importance of transmitting the culture of digital security. In his eyes, the attacks are likely to multiply in the coming years, it will not be possible to counter them all, but the challenge will be to anticipate their impact so that their consequences are minimized as much as possible.

  • Guy-Philippe Goldstein, researcher and consultant specializing in cybersecurity

There is a sense of permeability and instability that has been instilled in Russia, but not only.

The FN activist has low emotional stability, he freaks out.

The far right has become a political clientele favored by the Kremlin.

Facebook’s valuation has fallen 11% over the past year. There was of course the Cambridge Analytica effect, but above all, everyone is anticipating regulation and this is normal. “

Guy-Philippe Goldstein is interested in the online attacks that threaten our democracies. In Arles, he returned to the methods of certain States such as Russia to play on the fears and weaknesses of the most vulnerable citizens, and thus destabilize countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Richard Stallman, free software activist

Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows… Each of these systems spies on its users.

If you want to post photos, don’t put them on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp because they’re the arms of the same monster.

I have no faith in data protection at all.

States use terrorism as a pretext to better control you.

Richard Stallman sees digital as a space of freedom. So when this American programmer sees companies like Google or Facebook who are appropriating this universe to create a particularly lucrative business, he sees red. Founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation, he still has hopes of building a model that will act as a bulwark for the overflowing appetite of GAFA and BATX. They accumulate sensitive data on our lives while making a use that is not always respectful of privacy to build empires with even greater power than certain states.

  • Gabriel Attal, Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth

For young people, a transmission, collective or individual, is built in rebellion in the face of a transmission they do not want.

Civic service is 140,000 young people involved this year, but we are still very far from the mark.

Gabriel Attal became in 2018 the youngest member of a government under the Fifth Republic. In Arles, he presented the government’s vision for French youth. Taking stock of the civic service created in 2010, the Secretary of State also defended the universal national service (SNU) which has just completed its experimental phase.

Gabriel Attal, Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth, at the tenth Napoleons summit, in Arles in July 2019. Credit: Maxence Fabrion – Decode Media.
  • Leïla Slimani, writer

Writers are concerned with restoring the dignity of people.

The only hierarchy is that of emotion. The rest does not interest me!

I don’t want to learn all languages, but I want to want to learn them all.

Nostalgia is a luxury of a white man.

When we write, we measure the thickness of the shadow.

Author of two novels, Leïla Slimani won the 2016 Goncourt Prize for her book “Sweet Song”. Emmanuel Macron’s personal representative for the French-speaking world, she tastes very little of the growing use of Anglicisms in the French language. She did not fail to point it out to the Napoleons… not without a dose of humor.

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