The Minister of the Armed Forces announces a fund of 200 million euros for defense innovation

by bold-lichterman

Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly announced on Tuesday the launch by the end of 2020 of an investment fund for defense innovation endowed with 200 million euros, to help start-ups and SMEs to develop “Potentially strategic technologies”. This fund, called “Definnov, “will see the light of day by the end of the year, in cooperation with BpiFrance ” and “Will be dedicated to the development of dual technologies (civil and military applications, ndr) and transversal”, underlined the Minister in Lorient, after having visited the innovation laboratory of marines and naval commandos (Fuscolab).

“Via Definnov, the Ministry of the Armed Forces seeks to support a few well-chosen companies which will carry potentially strategic technologies for the future of national defense”, she argued, recalling that defense innovation was one of the priorities of her ministry. The 2019-2025 military programming law plans to increase the appropriations devoted to innovation by 25% to reach 1 billion euros in 2022, against 730 million euros in 2018. For the year 2020, these appropriations are ‘amount to 820 million euros.

“In 2019, 32 projects were supported by the Defense Innovation Agency, 218 research projects were launched, 69 RAPID projects (support system for dual innovation) were labeled and 128 doctoral theses were funded ”, detailed Ms. Parly. And “We must continue our investment in disruptive technologies”, commented the Minister, mentioning in particular “Hypersonic gliders capable of covering 100 kilometers in a single minute, directed energy weapons, these weapons capable of disturbing, neutralizing or even destroying targeted equipment at a distance without projectile (…) or even quantum technologies”.