The limits and challenges of AI as seen by Kevin Kelly (Wired)

by bold-lichterman

Is privacy dead? Is artificial intelligence a danger to humanity? Is a world government possible? So many questions to which Kevin Kelly, co-founder of the American magazine Wired, tried to respond to the occasion of his visit to Paris at the end of June as part of the USI conference.

At the Carrousel du Louvre, he felt that certain aspects of private life would evolve without this notion disappearing. “The idea of ​​privacy will change, it will be very different in the years to come ”, he notes.

“We must educate the robots”

The notion of privacy is notably shaken up by the growing impact of artificial intelligence. Indeed, American giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are constantly collecting data on their users to refine their marketing strategies.

However, Kevin Kelly wishes to put into perspective the consequences of artificial intelligence on the life of each individual. “There are several types of artificial intelligences, therefore several types of limits. Artificial intelligence is not against humans, it is with humans», Explains Kevin Kelly. And to add: “We need to educate the robots to behave better than us.

Founders: Louis Rossetto, Kevin Kelly and Jane Metcalfe

Creation: 1993

Seat : San Francisco

Activity: Tech news site

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