The last three studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

The Connected TV are gaining ground in France…. [Etude US] Smart TVs, the new “big thing” for advertisers?…. Online investments from 2012 could exceed those produced in the print media… Focus on three new studies.

Connected TVs are gaining ground in France

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745,000. This is the number of connected TVs sold in the first half of the year in France, according to a study by GfK. Connected TVs thus represent 23% of total sales of televisions (3.3M) over the period studied.

Smart TVs therefore seem to be attracting more and more French people, since sales have registered an increase of 22.4% in one year, for a turnover of 622M €, also up 44%. Thierry Laporte, expert at GfK, believes that connectivity offers should diversify this year. Their potential is estimated at 28% of purchasing acts.

Connected TV is therefore doing well in a sluggish global market (-22% recorded in the 1st half). Another sector with strong growth: that of 3D televisions, which recorded a sales increase of 15.4%, for a turnover of 489M €.

[Etude US] Smart TVs, a new “big thing” for advertisers?

Still in the field of connected TV, another American study has just been published by the firm e-marketer. The report indicates that in the United States, 38% of households have at least one television connected to the Internet, against 30% in 2011.

The study especially points to how much this new medium can be a godsend for advertisers. In fact, 30% of connected TV owners go to the website mentioned in an advertisement while 26% seek more information about the product presented. Among the other actions observed: 26% search for the product with the aim of purchasing it online or in a physical store. And, after seeing an ad, 25% follow or “like” the brand or product in question. Finally, 23% click directly on the advertisement to find out more and 21% share this information on the internet.

The last three studies to discover

Online investments could exceed those made in the print media from 2012

The Carat agency recently published new forecasts for global advertising investments in 2012. These estimates are down sharply from those published in March. Globally, Carat therefore expects growth of 5% in 2012, instead of the 6% announced in March.

The potential of all media has thus been reduced, with the exception of display. Indeed, digital should remain the engine of advertising growth in 2012, with 17.8% growth expected (against 16.5% expected in March). Building on this dynamism, Carat believes that global investments made on the Internet should exceed those made in the print media as of 2012, and not in 2013 as initially announced.

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