The last three studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Mobile Videos: + 123% of time spent on live in Q2 2012… Smartphones: only 1 application downloaded out of 10 is chargeable … Almost 72% of Display ads seen in France… Discover 3 new studies

Videos on mobiles: + 123% of time spent on live in Q2 2012

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Ooyala, specialist in online video, recently published its Global Video Index Report for the 2nd quarter of 2012. This analyzes the video consumption trends of 200M online viewers around the world and announces that broadband and the development screens have increased the viewing time of video content.

Specifically, Ooyala data indicates that in H2 2012, long-format content like movies, sports, and TV shows accounted for over 60% of total viewing time. online videos seen by Internet users.

Other Q2 2012 highlights: In Japan, 18% of the total time spent watching video online occurs on mobile devices. In France, this figure is 11%.

Among all online video viewers, tablet and smart TV owners were the most engaged in the second half of the year. Smart TV users spent 93% of their time watching movies, TV series and other long-form videos, while for tablet users the share of time spent watching videos increased by 47 % in a single quarter.

Finally, the share of time spent watching live video on tablets and mobile devices increased by 123% in Q2, for an average viewing time of 33 minutes per person.

The Oovala Global Online Video Report provides key insights to global media companies to help them make decisions that allow them to maximize revenue and audiences.

Smartphones: only 1 application downloaded in 10 is chargeable

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Free applications will represent 89% of the total applications downloaded in 2012. This is indicated by a study from the Gartner Institute, published yesterday.

It estimates, among other things, that application downloads in the world will exceed 45.6 billion in 2012, of which 40.1 billion will be free applications. Of the 5 million paid apps expected to be downloaded in 2012, 90% are no more than $ 3. This figure is expected to pass the 96% mark by 2016.

Gartner also expects Apple’s App Store to have more than 21 billion downloads in 2012, which would represent a 74% increase from 2011, a sign of strong demand for mobile content like apps. .

Finally, in-app purchases are expected to drive 41% of store revenue in 2016. As the market moves towards free and low-cost apps, in-app purchase will drive downloads as well as app store revenues. . For Gartner, the number of downloads featuring in-app purchases is expected to increase from 5% of total downloads in 2011 to 30% in 2016.

Almost 72% of Display ads seen in France

At least 50% of the surface of an advertisement must be seen for at least one second for it to be considered seen. On this basis and according to the 3rd European barometer Alenty, taken over by the site Media Offer, the average visibility rate of Display ads in Europe would be 70%. In France, this rate, measured by IAB, would be 72%, against 62% in Great Britain and 77% in Germany.

The margin between the different rates is due, according to Alenty, to the development of market places which lead to a lot of unsold advertising space. Conversely, the success of display in Germany can be explained by very qualitative formats (page skins, 300 × 600 “magazines”, etc.). Regardless, each country has very advanced targeting and optimization techniques.

Finally, the percentages of advertisements seen for more than 10 seconds are much lower: 40% on average in Europe, 42% in France, 32% in Great Britain and 47% in Germany.