The last three applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Any.DO: the task planner, Fusion Books: create your simplified Yearbook, BlindSquare: uses Foursquare to help blind people navigate the streets… Check out the three apps of the moment.

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Any.DO, the task planner, comes to iPhone

Any.DO, the “to-do list” application developed by Taskos for Android, has finally made its way to the iPhone and the Web. This application known to be one of the best on Android thanks to its simplicity of use and practicality, has many advantages for who would like to use it.

It supports gestures and voice recognition, offers to create a task to call back a contact in the event of a missed call, and can synchronize with Google Tasks.

In addition to the application, the service offers a plug-in for Chrome to manage its tasks from the browser. Finally, Any.DO is free.

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BlindSquare uses Foursquare to help blind people navigate the streets

Foursquare’s 20 million users around the world have unwittingly created an incredibly detailed directory of places and information about surrounding restaurants and shops. BlindSquare is a new app that has used more than 2 billion check-ins worldwide to help blind pedestrians navigate the streets or use public transport.

1606031930 375 The last three applications to discover

The service integrates data from Foursquare with Apple’s VoiceOver technology, to create a virtual geolocation map through sound. When the app is activated, it reads addresses, street names and surrounding places aloud. BlindSquare draws an information map of neighboring streets, passages and nearby services. There are different categories within the app including arts and entertainment, colleges, restaurants, the great outdoors, nightlife spots, residences, and businesses. Directions are available upon request.

The app is available from Apple’s iTunes Store for $ 14.99. The high cost is due to the text-to-speech technology that turns text into speech on different devices, according to the developers.

Fusion Books: create your simplified Yearbook

Fusion Books is a web application born from the idea that creating a yearbook shouldn’t be more complicated than posting and sharing photos on social media. Convinced of the value of providing schools with a smart, easy-to-use digital tool, the result of which would help shape students’ school memories, Cliff Obrecht and Melanie Perkins (leaders and founders) recently launched Fusion Books France. The yearbook, created online, makes it possible to stage and immortalize students’ memories on a concrete medium. On the school side, the yearbook is a real encyclopedia that traces the history of the various promotions. The concept is also open to interactions with other players in the business world, associations and other structures.

The first customers acquired in just 4 months by Fusion Books seem to confirm the potential of the Yearbook in the student world. Some examples: ESC Montpellier (in the top 15 of French business schools), the Institut de Hautes Etudes Glion in Switzerland (ranked 2nd best hotel school in the world), or the IUT Tech de Co de Bordeaux and the ‘School of Higher Studies in Public Health (Rennes Sorbonne Paris Cité).