The last three applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Find out which great brand is behind the products with My tastes… Gather all your photos in one thanks to Print Mosaic… Find a trusted service provider in just a few clicks with Doopiz… Focus on 3 new applications.

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Find out which great brand is behind the products with MesGoouts

The food search engine, which reveals the names of the manufacturers of 5,000 private label (private label) food products, recently launched its dedicated app.

We discover that the Auchan and Casino spaghetti are made by Panzani, the Leader Price ham comes out of the factories of Madrange, the Emmental Monoprix is ​​produced by Entremont, or that the Cora cured ham is designed by Aosta… Good news for all consumers in search of transparency.

To find out all that is behind your products, scan the product barcode and find the product sheet. You can then give your own mark as well as your own assessments.

The MesGouts application is available on ios and Android.

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Gather all your photos into one with Print Mosaic

Printmosaic is a new web application dedicated to photography. It allows you to create a personalized poster from your Facebook or Instagram photos.

The principle ? Choose a main photo that serves as the basis for the mosaic, then select all the photos you want to include in your poster. These will be arranged according to their color and their light via an algorithm allowing them to be ordered so as to give a shape to the final photo.

Finally, you can download your final photo in high resolution (12,000 x 9,000 pixels) for € 3.95, or print it on an 80x60cm poster for € 39.95.

The last three applications to discover

Find a trusted provider in a few clicks with Doopiz

Doopiz is a Facebook application for bringing together service providers and Internet users.

Registration is free and only requires a Facebook account. The supplier fills out a form to constitute his activity sheet, his area of ​​intervention, and is automatically notified by email when a customer makes a need corresponding to his activity.

The application is initially available in Paris and its region. The other large cities in France should follow shortly, as well as a mobile version.

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