The last four applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Live the music festival in real time, Good deals and discounted prices on Minute ticket, Stootia : the social network for the exchange of services, objects and advice, Optimize the autonomy of your battery with Carat… Focus on 4 new applications.

The last four applications to discover

Live the music festival in real time

The application Music Festival, offers several practical and attractive features to follow this 31st edition. You will be able to consult the programs of the music festival in a geolocated way, share your favorite concerts on Facebook, follow the event live via Twitter or even take pictures in the colors of this edition. The app also offers access to a regularly updated news blog, image and video galleries, and a “Pop at 50” quiz. The application is available on theApp Store, Google play and Blackberry App!

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Good deals and broken prices on Ticket-minute

From the site, the ticket-minute application facilitates the purchase of last minute tickets for concerts, shows, plays or amusement parks at negotiated rates.

You must first be a member of, and if not, register with your computer or mobile. Then, the application geolocates you and offers shows at discounted prices near you.

The application will also allow you to change the geolocation parameters if you are looking for tickets in another borough or another city, to view the different events on a map, and to refer friends.

Ticket-minute is only available on ios.

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Stootie, the social network for the exchange of services, objects and advice

The idea is simple: post a mission specifying the category of services (purchases / shopping, delivery, advice, repair) and get in touch with the “stooters” near you, ready to help you. This is the concept developed by the new Stootie mobile application. An interactive auction system also allows you to set a premium for the service, and to monitor and comment on the amount of services offered by other users.

The network also includes a chat, a private conversation mode and “alerts” which notify you of new missions, always in a perimeter close to you. Only requests are posted, for a period of a few hours to a few days. The application is available on ios and on Android

Maximize your battery life with Carat

The new application Carat, developed by researchers fromAMP Lab (Algorithms, Machines, and People Laboratory) at UC Berkeley, is believed to help users get the most out of battery life.

Once installed, it will collect information on the operation of the terminal and its applications, then send them to servers where they are gathered and processed by algorithms, which will then produce personalized recommendations on the settings to be made to improve the duration. battery life. Note that the application works in the background and you just have to launch it from time to time to obtain a detailed report.

Carat is available for free on Android and ios.

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