The last 5 mobile applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Applications France Live present in 8 large cities, Image It: image at the service of exchange, La Maif is launching an “Geosecurity”, Taxiloc : booking a taxi on iPhone, Air France launches a social application around travel … The details of these 5 new applications.

The last 5 mobile applications to discover

[Exclu] France Live applications present in 8 major cities

Last February, the start-up Playcorp launched France Live, a network of local free applications. After setting up the first pilot application – called Nantes Live, the start-up announces today that the service is now present in 8 major cities in France, namely: Nantes, Reindeer, Angers, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux, whose application has been available for a few hours on the App Store and Google Play. Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Grenoble, Paris and Rouen should soon also have their own app. The application, available on the App Store and Android Market, allows you to get all the news of your city in real time, practical information, tips, and a space for debate.

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Air France launches a social application around travel

Air France has been offering for a few days “Travel Book by Air France”, a new free Facebook application that offers each passenger the opportunity to share their travel memories in the form of personalized and geolocated photographic notebooks. A real photo album integrated into an interactive world map, the application aims to encourage the sharing of travel discoveries with Travel Bookers, the network of users of the application. The service is also available in a mobile version on the App Store.

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Taxiloc: taxi booking on iPhone

A few weeks after its launch, the TaxiLo iPhone application for online taxi reservations, announced that it had attracted nearly 120 Parisian taxis and recorded nearly 4,900 downloads. Free, the application is available on App Store and should soon be available on Google PLay and Blackberry. Like what the start-up Uber offers in particular, Taxiloc transmits mobile users’ orders to the nearest taxis subscribed to the service and responds free of charge in, (depending on the service), less than three minutes. The precise answer: the color, the make, the type, the registration and the time of approach of the taxi. The application should cover the whole of France by the summer.

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Image It: the image at the service of exchange

Image It is an application for iPhone and Android that allows you to communicate with people around the world speaking different languages. Intended for travelers, it allows drawings to be combined together in order to express a precise idea. Important asset when using abroad, the application does not require an internet connection to operate. Among the features offered: Search for a pictogram by category, index or keyword, Write and draw on pictograms, Create sequences and save them or even Integrate photos from your phone into the sequences. Available on App Store and Google play, the application is free on the first online store and marketed at 0.79 € on the second.

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La Maif launches a “geosecurity” application

La Maif has just set up a mobile application intended for its security. Called Geosecurity, it is a safety and assistance device, which alerts the emergency services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, whether you are a victim or a witness, with communication of all the information useful for a quick intervention, to ask for help from a loved one or to be guided to a pharmacy, a hospital, a repairer… and finally to automatically trigger MAIF assistance. Geolocated calls or SMS are thus processed in real time.

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