The last 5 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

In short get a second life on mobile, Zapp pub : an application to skip advertising… Or almost!, Smart App : every day a new iPhone tip, Vyclone make your clips from several videos, WizVille launches its client form 2.0… Focus on five new applications.

The last 5 applications to discover

Vyclone makes your clips from several videos

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After Viddy, SocialCam or Klip, Vyclone is a new video app that may well be talking about it. Available for a few days on the AppStore, Vyclone allows you to edit all the videos, taken from several angles by mobile users present at the same event, together to make a single film. The app also offers apply different effects. Once automatically edited by Vyclone, the clip can then be easily shared on all social networks.

[Exclu] WizVille launches its 2.0 client form

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Like what the Lille start-up already offers Critizr, WizVille is a new application that allows mobile users to share their opinions and comments instantly from their smartphone at point of sale. The application thus directly connects customers and managers of the stores in question. All responses are then centralized in real time in a global administration panel allowing company representatives to measure satisfaction and respond to their customers in real time. Developed by the start-up WizVille SAS, supported by the Telecom SudParis incubator, the application is based on mobile websites, QR codes, NFC and touch tablets.

In short, offers a second life on mobile

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After the Bref series ended on July 12, Canal + wanted to extend the experience and therefore developed, in partnership with the Darewin agency, a dedicated mobile application. Available on the App Store and on Google Play, the application offers, first of all, to rediscover all of the episodes. Imagined as a “souvenir application”, it also offers mobile users the possibility of browsing the hero’s cell phone. Fans will therefore be able to discover all their SMS and MMS messages, listen to their music or even call their friends and directly complete their reminder.

Zapp pub: an application to zap advertising… Or almost!

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Spotted a few days ago by The echoes, Zapp Pub is a new community app. Developed in partnership by Vincent Domenech and the company Noméo, the application calls on the participation of its community to warn users of the end of advertising pages.

Zapp Pub thus allows its followers to receive an alert when their TV program resumes. There is therefore no need to look at an entire advertisement page so as not to miss the start or the rest of your program. Concretely, the mobile user selects the channel he watches among the 18 available on TNT. The latter then indicates whether he wishes to be alerted or, on the contrary, to be part of the “watchmen” and to alert the community when the show resumes. To prevent abuse, users who never bother to send alerts will have their notifications cut themselves off.

Smart App: a new iPhone tip every day

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Free, Smart App is a new iPhone application that is in line with all recommendation and application promotion services. However, unlike the Appfree application, for example, Smart Appli does not offer one free application per day, but recommends an application and a tip or a good plan to optimize the use of its iPhone.

The biggest fans of the apple brand may not find their happiness there but the application could prove to be relatively useful for a less knowledgeable audience. Among the tips already offered: Do a Wikipedia search in a few clicks, Launch third-party applications from Siri, Share a contact, or even Stop displaying the number of unread emails.