The last 4 sites to discover

by bold-lichterman

Trendybees : new community site for ephemeral sales, Ruedutheme: the French-speaking marketplace for graphic themes, Leeaarn, for a new way of learning, L’ launches a mobile version of its site … Details of these 4 new features.

The last 4 sites to discover

Trendybees: new community ephemeral sales site

Launched on May 4, Trendybees is a new community pop-up site. Private website accessible only by sponsorship, Trendybees offers insiders products each month who want to be offbeat. On the menu: Deco, Geek, Child, Beauty, Cooking or even Outdoor … With a “social shopping” dimension, the site also offers members the opportunity to be reimbursed for their purchases in gift vouchers if they encourage 4 new referrals or “Bees” to also buy the product.

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Rueduthème: the French-speaking marketplace for graphic themes

Launched last Friday, Ruedutheme presents itself as “the 1st French-speaking marketplace for graphic themes”. Like various foreign sites, such as themeforest and others mojo-themes, the platform offers a selection of PSD models, HTML / CSS templates and WordPress themes and allows Internet users to enter into direct contact with various creators, exclusively French-speaking. The different templates are sold between 7 and 28 euros. The platform then applies different remuneration rates depending on the volume of sales. Welcome code: Opening RDT2012.

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L’ launches a mobile version of its site

The site L’, dedicated to the guidance, studies and employment of young graduates, announced the launch a mobile version of its website. The new service is available today. For several months, L’ had already been offering two mobile applications, particularly dedicated to guidance, but these did not cover all the information offered on the site. The mobile site thus includes the sections: Studies, Employment, Professions, Fairs and Examinations. Source.

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Leeaarn, for a new way of learning

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Leeaarn is a new platform which should officially see the light of day within a few hours. Participative, the site imagined by Antoine Amiel, Julien Combeau, Hubert Boissi and Jérémy Lecerf, aims to connect professionals and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge. Entrepreneurship, cooking, SEO, Excel, photos, videos… anyone can submit their idea for a class. If the community is interested and the speaker is of good quality, then the class is organized! Classes can be very practical or more open. Leeaarn also offers more atypical courses such as: How to get your novel published? or Everything a foreigner needs to know when settling in
in Paris.