The last 4 mobile applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Carlib ‘ offers its mobile application on Android, Mektoube launches its iPhone application, Ad4screen develops the application App4free, A new mobile application to find out Where to give blood… Focus on four new services.

The last 4 mobile applications to discover

Voiturlib ‘offers its mobile application on Android

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The online car rental service between individuals, Carelib ‘, has just launched its mobile application on google play. Already available for a few weeks on App Store, it allows in particular to quickly find a car to rent close to where you are. The Voiturlib ‘service lists nearly 3,500 cars for rent, spread over several cities in France and available from € 15 per day.

Mektoube launches its iPhone application

1606047799 440 The last 4 mobile applications to discover, the affinity dating site dedicated to the Maghreb community, recently launched its iPhone application. Already available on App Store, it brings together the main features offered by the site: adding photos, searching for profiles, sending smiles, etc.

Ad4screen develops the App4free application

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In line with AppGratuite, FreeApps365 and AppsFire, Ad4screen recently launched a new iPhone application promoting mobile applications. Baptized App4free, it offers each day a good plan or an application that becomes temporarily free on the App Store. Four sections are available and highlight all the applications of the day, free or promotional applications. Notifications are sent regularly to warn when an application is on promotion.

A new application to know where to donate blood

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The French Blood Establishment (EFS) recently launched a new mobile app intended for blood donors. This allows you to know when and where to donate blood by geolocating the blood drives around you. The application also offers the possibility of receiving alerts and calculating routes, or even filling out questionnaires to find out whether the donor is in a condition or not to donate blood. All the news relating to blood donations in France is also relayed on the application.