The last 4 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

PremsJob : the application dedicated to work-study programs and youth employment, Consult your exam results in real time thanks to Digischool, Follow air traffic with FlightRadar, The application Se Sleep Less Silly finally available on Windows Phone… Zoom on the 4 applications of the moment!


PremsJob: the application dedicated to work-study programs and youth employment

Premsjob is a Facebook application dedicated to youth employment. It offers 4 types of activities classified according to the candidate’s professional situation: work-study training, an internship, a summer job, or a first job. The main emphasis is on work-study programs, with training offers and work-study contracts.

The application also offers a tool for coaching candidates, to prepare them for the recruitment interview, as well as a candidate area where future employees can fill out their profiles and submit their applications.

The last 4 applications to discover

View your exam results in real time with Digischool

DigiSchool and Media Etudiant have set up an application that will allow candidates for the baccalaureate, patent, CAP, BEP and BTS to consult their results live on their smartphones, as soon as the results are published.

If at first glance the application is free on ios and Android, however, candidates will have to pay € 2.99 to access their results. An aspect that could make mobile users return to the basics of whiteboard consultation …

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Track air traffic with FlightRadar

Launched in October 2010 but topical with the holidays approaching and spotted by, application FlightRadar24 allows you to observe real-time air traffic in Europe, Russia, Japan, the Middle East as well as the Eastern United States and part of Southeast Asia.

On the map, each flight is represented by an airplane icon and when you click on it, you get its model, company, flight number, origin, destination, altitude, and speed. When you use it from your smartphone, you just have to point the application at the sky when a plane passes by to discover all kinds of information about it. The app only finds devices with the system ADS-Bor 70% of European commercial flights.

Flightradar is available on ios and Android.

The last 4 applications to discover

Sleeping Less Silly is available on Windows Phone

The application Go to bed less stupid, a community concept that brings together 2,500 anecdotes on different subjects, is available on Windows phone since June 25. From history to science to sport, more than 130,000 people consult the application on their phones every day.

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