The last 4 applications to discover – App Advisor – Artilinki – Facebook Camera

by bold-lichterman

App Advisor checks the reliability of Facebook apps … Carry art in your pocket with ArtilinkiFacebook and LinkedIn are developing in French… Focus on four new applications.

The last 4 applications to discover App Advisor

App Advisor checks the reliability of Facebook apps

A few months ago, we introduced you SecureMe, a start-up allowing monitoring of various Facebook profiles to detect sensitive subjects, photos and information on an account. The company launched yesterday App Advisor, a tool for protecting Facebook users against applications that are hungry for personal data.

The application therefore allows you to know precisely the data that a Facebook application retrieves when you adhere to it. You will thus receive, before clicking on “accept”, all the important information concerning access to your data, and you will be notified when a new application connects with your Facebook profile. Finally, App Advisor allows you to know the reputation of the application with Internet users. The browser extension is available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

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Carry art in your pocket with Artilinki

The social network dedicated to art Artilinki launches its mobile application. This allows its community to take all multimedia portfolios in their pocket: images, audio, videos and even PDFs (brochure, digital book, press article, storyboard, architectural plan,) and to consult at any time.

Geolocation, Calendar evolving according to new events, but also a new “howling” function, which allows users to report an event that they find interesting to other members of the community (and not only to their friends). People who have chosen to receive the howls can judge whether each of them is “cool” and produce “an echo”, which has the effect of spreading the initial information further.

The application is available for free on ios and Android.

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Facebook and LinkedIn are developing in French

Facebook is launching today ” Camera Facebook ”in France, a mobile application that allows faster and easier use of photos on Facebook. This allows you, among other things, to view your friends’ photos on a single thread, to publish photos more quickly by selecting several at the same time, but also to modify them with a push (crop, rotate, add filters). In short, all internet features finally available on mobile.

For its part, LinkedIn is launching its iPad application in French. You will be able to benefit from a global view of the updates of your network, a more convenient access to your profile and your information, and a centralization of LinkedIn messages and invitations.

The application can be downloaded for free and from today on theApple Store.