The last 4 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

NewExpat : no longer be afraid to go and live abroad, SafMob: the application at the service of security, the site Once upon a time launches its mobile application, Create from augmented reality thanks to Stiktu… Focus on four new applications.

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Stiktu: photograph, create and share with augmented reality

Stiktu is a free application allowing users toAndroid and ios add their own content to any real image, using augmented reality. The user scans an image using their smartphone and then adds text, images, tags and designs. He can finally share his creations with his friends.

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Once upon a time: the application reserved for it-mums!

Xavier Bartone, passionate about cars, once observed that women have a thousand lives in one and that it would be fascinating to be able to accompany them throughout their days. He then created ” Once upon a time »In February 2012, a site intended to inform, entertain and be useful to women, by compiling articles on beauty, outings, sport, and even social networks.

Following the success of the site, the “Once Upon a Time” application was launched on June 6. It-mums will now be able to find the universe of the site on their iPhones with: mood notes to discuss, share and discuss, web-shows, photos, videos, or even a web-radio and its five programs musicals that evolve according to the mood and the times of the day. The application is available for free on theApple Store.

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SafMob, the application at the service of security

SafMob allows its users to follow in real time the movements of a person on a map from a browser on the Internet.

It works from smartphone to computer: users download the application and simultaneously register on the SafMob website to have direct access to the geolocation service. Once the contacts have been registered on the site (names, telephone numbers, address, etc.), the user must validate them so that the site has access to their geographical position. Each SafMob user has a unique and confidential identification number. Geolocation is effective on all continents, so when traveling to another continent, the traveller’s family can follow him on a map and know his position instantly.

This application can offer security to worried parents who will be able to follow their children on the way to school, but it will also make it possible to locate and recover their mobile in the event of loss or theft. SafMob is available for free on Android.

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NewExpat: no longer be afraid to go and live abroad

Marcopolis, a specialist in geographic mobility assistance solutions, will launch the NewExpat application in the coming days (at the request of the public platform Proxima Mobile).

The application is intended to help all European expatriates to better choose their host country and to accelerate their integration in their new city of residence, thanks to a selection of data from public and private sources. Open Data portals for European countries as well as public data from European cities will be searchable, and users will be able to discover a “barometer” of the most popular countries within the European Union.

The system will be supplemented by a social network of people newly installed in the chosen cities, so that expatriates can make contacts on site and not be alone when they arrive. This application will be developed in French and English, and will be available on the iOS and Android platforms.

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