The last 4 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Click and Walk, the mobile application that pays its community, AFP is launching E-diplomacy, a new interactive application dedicated to the general public, Kidganizer the application dedicated to shared custody, Easy Phone Sync facilitates the transfer of data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy… Zoom on 4 new applications.

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Clic and Walk, the mobile application that pays its community

Launched on May 18, the mobile application Click and Walk offers its users to give their opinions in pictures from their smartphone, in exchange for remuneration. Edited by the eponymous Lille start-up, the application aims to provide reliable, dated and geolocated commercial information for companies.

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In the description of the application, the start-up indicates that the duration of the missions vary between 3 minutes and 3 hours and that the members of the community can earn for each time 1 to more than 30 €, via a payment made directly on their bank account or by Paypal.

The Clic Walkers thus regularly receive missions to be carried out on their cellphones, depending on their geolocation. After having read the instructions, the mobile user can begin to answer them if he is the first to have accepted it. Free, the application is available on App Store and Google play.

Kidganizer: application dedicated to shared custody

Launched on June 19, the iPhone application Kidganizer aims to facilitate the organization of parents around the care of their children. The organization of their schedule is thus optimized: as soon as a user adds a care, the other co-parent immediately sees it in the application. Thanks to synchronization, you no longer need emails or phone calls, everything goes through the application. Kidganizer also offers the possibility to manage the expenses of expenses related to the guards. Finally, the application allows you to invite other co-parents such as the nanny or grandparents so that they too can learn about the organization in question. Undoubtedly practical, Kidgarnizer is still marketed € 2.99, a relatively high price in the sector.

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Easy Phone Sync makes it easy to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Spotted by the site ZDNet, the application Easy Phone Sync makes it much easier for iOS users to transfer all their data to smartphones developed by Samsung. The South Korean also offers this application free of charge for any purchase of a product from the Galaxy range. The app is only available in England, however.

AFP launches E-diplomacy, a new interactive application dedicated to the general public

Presented last Thursday June 21 and developed by AFP, e-diplomacy is a new interactive web application. Based on Twitter, the tool allows users to access, in real time, all the posts from the Twitter accounts of different institutions, such as embassies, NGOs, or even government departments, hackers and influential figures. In total, nearly 4,000 accounts in 120 countries have been grouped together in a single tool, available in English and French. As indicated The world, the app also has a search engine that displays the 200 most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. Already available on the AFP website, the application offers various customization functions. E-diplomacy should soon see the light of day on mobile.

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