The last 3 studies to discover

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The Internet Fundraising Observatory in 10 key figures…. [Investissements publicitaires] The display marked time in September…. 60% of mobile users ready to receive geolocated commercial offers…. Focus on three new studies.

The Observatory of Internet fundraising in 10 key figures

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Between January 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012, the French Web raised nearly € 830 million. This is what the first edition of “The Observatory of Internet fundraising”, published by the KPMG firm.

This large-scale study brings together data relating to fundraising over 100,000 € carried out by “pure player” companies in the Internet sector, based or created in France.

Over the period studied, the survey identifies 288 operations. While this number is increasing (20 operations per quarter in 2010 on average, compared to 33 in the first half of 2012), the survey nevertheless highlights that the average amount raised is falling. In fact, in 2010, the average amount raised was € 3.2M against 2.2M € in the 1st half of 2012 (excluding the Fotolia operation).

The observatory indicates that 60% of transactions carried out over the period remain below € 1.5 million. The study also only identifies 13 operations over 10M €.

Regarding sectoral distribution, e-commerce appears, by far, to be the most attractive sector. This represents, in fact, 49% of funds invested and 32% of transactions over the observed period. The average amount invested in this segment is also above average, reaching 4.3 million euros per company. Then come the e-service, e-marketing and e-social sectors. E-tourism, on the other hand, does not represent only 2% of funds raised.

In terms of objectives, most of the funds raised are allocated to the commercial development of the companies concerned. For 19% of them, the capital increases are aimed at international development.

At the investor level, the study shows that private equity investment funds are the most active. They appear in 54% of the transactions studied. We find business angels in 44% of cases while entrepreneurial funds are present in 9% of operations.

KPMG finally notes that foreign investors injected funds into 6 of the top 10 deals of the sector over the period studied. This is particularly the case for Fotolia, whose fundraising was entirely fi nanced by the American fund KKR. Even if they are not included in the study, the fundraising of Deezer and Criteo also respond to this trend with the support of Russian, American and Japanese investors.

The full study.

[Investissements publicitaires] The display stalls in September

1605981347 419 The last 3 studies to discoverKantar Media has just published its latest Adex Report Barometer. The study, covering the month of September 2012, lifts the veil on a market at half mast. Indeed, advertising investments recorded a drop of 4.5% over the period studied. Year-to-date, gross advertising market revenue stabilized at + 1%. Only television recorded an increase of 3.3%.

Usually a market driver, display also slowed down in September with a 5.6% drop over the period. According to Kantar Media, this erosion could be explained in particular by the financial sector which disengaged to the tune of 27.4% over the month. Overall, however, the media remained at + 4.1% change in value.

60% of mobile users ready to receive geolocated commercial offers

1605981347 950 The last 3 studies to discoverThe SNCD (National Union of Direct Communication) has just published the first results of its study called Mobile Marketing Attitude. The survey is based on responses from 1,243 mobile users and tablonauts.

Among the main lessons:

  • Mobile users predominantly favor mobile applications over mobile sites.
  • 26% of mobile users say they use their mobile continuously.
  • 83% of interviewees would like to have their loyalty cards on mobile.
  • 60% of respondents would agree to receive geolocated commercial offers.

The complete study and all the results will be published tomorrow as part of the VAD e-commerce trade fair in Lille.