The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Emails at the heart of uses among smartphone owners…. [Audience] The Internet user tops with 10.8M unique visitors…. For 80% of smartphone users a bad application significantly harms the brand’s image…. Focus on three new studies.

Emails at the heart of uses by smartphone owners

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ComScore recently published a study analyzing the uses of smartphone owners in the Europe of 5 (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain). Of the 131.5M users identified in Europe, the firm emphasizes how the management of emails is at the heart of uses. Indeed, in October, nearly 60% of smartphone users received or sent emails from their mobile. This makes email the most popular use.

  • Next comes the consultation of weather information (52.5%).
  • Use of social networks (50.8%).
  • Use of instant messaging (48.6%).
  • And in fifth position, the use of search engines (43.1%).

We note that the consultation of the news only arrives in 6th position (41.3%) and that the taking and sharing of photos concerns only 27.1% of users.

[Audience] The Internet user tops with 10.8M unique visitors

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Médiamétrie yesterday published the results of internet audience in France in October. The figures for the month were expected as the institute recently reclassified the site Internet user in the “News” sub-category. Given this change, the Internet user covers the site of the Figaro, accustomed to the first step of the podium, with 10.8 million unique visitors registered in October. is therefore in second position with more than 9.5M unique visitors.

The publication of these rankings was accompanied this month by a focus on the video by Felix Baumgartner. Médiamétrie estimates that, thanks to this world premiere, the Red Bull site has conquered 3 times more Internet users than in September, i.e. an audience increase of 227%. In total, in October 2012, Red Bull attracted nearly 1M LCVs who sailed for almost 6 minutes on average on the site.

More generally, 8.6M VU visited a site in the “Event / Demonstration” sub-category in October, ie an audience increase of 34%.

For 80% of smartphone users, a bad app significantly damages the brand’s image

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Stardust, specialist in mobile application testing, has just published the results of his first study on the quality of mobile applications. This survey was carried out in two stages (3rd quarter 2011 and 2012) with more than 1,200 individuals.

The study aims in particular to highlight the differences in consumer perception depending on the operating systems. With this in mind, the survey shows that Android users are more forgiving than iOS users when it comes to graphics issues. Conversely, Android users are more demanding in terms of technical issues.

The idea is to also highlight the impact of a bad experience on the membership of a brand or a product. The survey highlights very strong reactions here.

  • 92% of those questioned have already been confronted with untimely application closings.
  • 75% believe that when an application does not work, the fault lies with the publisher.
  • 80% believe that a bad app significantly damages the brand’s image.
  • 73% delete an application following the first opening in the event of technical instability of the latter.

Finally, according to Stardust, Amazon, Voyages SNCF, Ebay and Vente Privee are the most popular m-commerce applications.

The infographic below presents all the results of the study.

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