The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Phablets : a market explosion in 2013?… M-payment : 48% annual growth expected by 2017… Video market: the VOD always in progress … Discover the last 3 studies.

Phablets: a market explosion in 2013?


Sales of phablets, hybrid objects half-smartphones and half-tablets (e.g. Galaxy Note), should double in 2013, according to the predictions ofIHS Suppli.

The firm thus predicts 60.4M units sold over the coming year, compared to 25.6M last year. He even estimates that in 2016, volumes will reach 146M units. This growth could not be explained by technical progress in the manufacture of large screens as well as the fall in product costs.

m-payment: 48% annual growth expected by 2017

m payments

The American m-payment market should experience significant growth between 2013 and 2017. In any case, this is what an report of Forrester, which predicts nearly $ 90 billion spent by 2017 in the sector, or 48% annual growth since the $ 12.8 billion spent in 2012.

Forrester estimates that m-payment growth will be driven by convenience stores, which are expected to account for $ 41 billion in mobile transactions by 2017.

Finally, m-commerce today accounts for 90% of mobile payments, and should, according to Forrester, continue to grow. However, consumers still need to be convinced that this is a much better alternative to the current payment method, i.e. by emphasizing the convenience, security and improved user experience that the m-payment.

Video market: VOD still on the rise

videofutur offer

The SENV (Syndicate of Digital Video Publishing) recently released a study analyzing the French Blu-ray and VOD market.

This reveals that in a physical and digital video market that fell by 5% in 2012 (1.317 billion euros), Blu-ray and VOD sales are on the rise. The Blu-ray market thus closed the year 2012 with a turnover of 224M € (+ 9.3% in one year) and that of VOD with 200M €, ie an increase of 23% in one year.

The study also announces that in 2012, nearly 60M paid VOD acts were carried out. However, DVD remains, according to SENV, the favorite medium for households with more than 65 million units sold over the year, representing more than two-thirds of the market for a value of 893M €.