The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

23.1 million high and very high speed subscribers in 2011 in France, Mobile photo-sharing services are on the rise, 21% of Europeans access the Internet from their mobile … Focus on three new studies.

21% of Europeans access the Internet from their mobile

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IAB Europe unveiled yesterday the first results of the 8th edition of the Mediascope Europe study. According to this large-scale survey, nearly 427M Europeans have access to the Internet, or 65% of the population studied. They spend an average of 14.8 hours online per week. 37% of Europeans access the internet from different devices. The study also highlights a clear trend towards multitasking. Indeed, nearly 48% of Europeans say they surf the Internet while watching TV. In terms of e-commerce, nearly 96% of Europeans use the Internet before making purchases in stores, while 87% have already made purchases online.

The study was carried out with a panel of 50,000 respondents from 28 countries.

23.1 million broadband and very high speed subscribers in France

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Arcep has just published its annual observatory of the telecommunications market. The report indicates that in 2011, the number of high and very high speed subscriptions on fixed networks amounted to 23.1 million, or 1.3 million additional subscriptions in one year (+ 6%). This progression benefits all technologies; thus, over one year, the number of xDSL subscriptions grew by 5.1% (21.3 million), that of FttH subscriptions (fiber to the subscriber) increased by 59% (220,000), and the number of subscriptions via other technologies (mainly cable) increased by 14% (1.6 million). The annual observatory underlines, moreover, the increase in the number of SMS, which amounts to 146 billion (+ 42.1% over one year) and the success of mobile internet. This cannot be denied with data traffic which has quadrupled in two years.

Mobile photo-sharing services are on the rise

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According to the latest figures published by ComScore, in March 2012, more than 143,200,000 European mobile phone users took a photo via their device, an increase of 2% over the last three months.
Among mobile photo-sharing services, Flickr attracts the highest number of users with 2.3 million registered followers, up 7% between January and March. The Picasa service is in 2nd position with 1.5M users, up 9%. On the third step of the podium, TwitPic posted the largest increase over the period studied. Up by 133%, the mobile service has nearly 500,000 users. The famous Instagram application, for its part, experienced the second largest increase between January and March 2012, with an increase of 27%. The application recently bought by Facebook has nearly 466,000 users in the Europe of 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom).
ComScore also notes that nearly 96% of Instagram followers also access Facebook from their mobiles, while only 0.7% of Facebook members use Instagram.