The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

[France] The market ebooks could weigh 55 million euros in 2015…. [Prévisions] 3.4 million tablets sold in France, in 2012?…. Sales of smartphones exceed those of mobiles in France…. Focus on three new studies, just published by the GfK firm.

[France] Smartphone sales overtake mobile sales

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13.3M smartphones should be sold this year in France, according to the GfK institute. A performance up 16% compared to last year and which should allow the smartphone market to supplant that of simple mobile phones (9.2M units).

In its study, GfK Consumer Choices therefore notes a wide democratization of smartphones, the price of which has not held back consumers, even for high-end products (36% of sales).

Another observation: despite numerous launches, the market remains very concentrated. In fact, 10 products alone account for 50% of the volume of new products in the first quarter of 2012.

According to the institute, this dynamic should not weaken in the coming months with the arrival of the iPhone 5, Windows 8 and, in the longer term, flexible screens and 4G terminals.

[France] The ebook market could weigh 55 million euros in 2015

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The digital books market would it finally take off in France? According to the GfK institute, yes. The sector should therefore experience growth of around 80% in 2012 and reach a turnover of 55M € by 2015. The firm specifies, however, that these data are estimated from GfK’s experience in other markets. Entertainment, for which the dematerialization of content has already taken place.

The latest inventory to date, carried out by the company At Kearney, showed that in France, the digital book market weighed only € 12.5 million in 2011, on a worldwide turnover of € 2.4 billion.

In details, according to the firm, 300,000 e-readers could be sold in 2012, against 145,000 in 2011 and only 27,000 units in 2010. On the content side, GfK Consumer Choices estimates that in 2011, 1.1 million ebooks have were downloaded for a fee for a turnover of 12M €.

[Prévisions] 3.4 million tablets sold in 2012?

Still according to the GfK institute, the tablets will “triumph” this year in France. In total, 3.4M units should thus be sold in 2012. The market could thus experience triple-digit growth (+ 140%) compared to 2011.

This expected success is largely explained by significantly lower prices. Indeed, according to the GfK institute, in 2012, the average price of a tablet was € 365, down 13% in one year.

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Along with tablets, the PC market is expected to decline 12% this year. Analysts at GfK believe, however, that the success of tablets does not necessarily have a cannibalizing effect on PCs: the two devices offer complementary uses. According to the research firm, “the tablet has become the ideal companion for the PC in the home. It thus boosts the dynamic of multi-equipment which is today the key to growth ”.

Based on these forecasts, the microcomputer market (PCs and Tablets combined) should break sales records to the general public: with more than 9M parts expected in 2012 (+ 14%).