The last 3 studies to discover

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[Prévisions] 126.6 million tablets sold around the world in 2012?…. Panorama of new technological uses the French…. 27% of social users ready to buy via a social network…. Focus on three new studies.

[Prévisions] 126.6 million tablets sold worldwide in 2012?

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According to the latest figures released by the IHS iSuppli cabinet, nearly 126.6M tablets should be sold worldwide by the end of the year, against 82.1M in 2011, an increase of 56% in one year. The market is driven both by sales of the iPad, but also by those of the Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire.

According to the firm, the large-screen tablet segment (9 inches), dominated by the iPad, still accounts for the majority of sales (59%). However, tablets offering a smaller screen (7 inches), such as the Galaxy Tab, the Kindle Fire or the Barnes & Noble tablet, are the ones experiencing the greatest growth. With 41.1M units sold, they now represent 32% of sales.

On August 27, the cabinet ABI Research, more pessimistic, estimated that the market for tablets should reach 100M sales worldwide in 2012.

Panorama of new technological uses of the French

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Laptops, smartphones, tablets, choice of operators, applications, 3G, 4G… The firm Deloitte has just published an inventory new technological uses of the French.

Based on a sample of 2,000 French Internet users, the study indicates in particular that 41% of French people already have a smartphone and 15% a digital tablet. However, despite the proliferation of mobile devices, the computer is the most used equipment to go on the Internet (70%), the smartphone being second (31%), far behind.

The smartphone market should nevertheless experience good growth in the coming months. In fact, 26% of those questioned declared that they intended to buy one within a year.

The mobile phone has also become a real Swiss army knife for the French population. Indeed :

  • More than half of French people (57%) use the photo / video function.
  • 36% of respondents use their mobile phone to listen to music.
  • One-third (32%) to play games.

As for the smartphone, it is used:

  • First of all to manage your emails (75%).
  • Conduct internet research (60%).
  • Discuss on social networks (57%).
  • Or even manage their bank account (44%).

In terms of uses, the study also notes a certain complementarity between smartphones and tablets. Indeed, according to the firm, 56% use their smartphone as much as before buying a tablet and 19% even more than before. There is therefore no cannibalization effect.

Still concerning tablets, the majority of users connect to the Internet with Wifi only (61%). A choice mainly motivated by a question of connection speed. The owners of these devices are, moreover, the largest consumers of applications: 57% against 36% of owners of mobile phones or smartphones. Spending for the purchase of applications remains low: € 2.15 on average for mobile phone / smartphone owners against € 3.72 for tablet owners.

If the enthusiasm for applications is undeniable, the firm underlines a certain reluctance of the French to pay for access to services.

A last paragraph is devoted to 4G and NFC technologies, qualified as “little known”. More than half of mobile owners have no opinion on 4G and 40% do not plan to change operator for a better 4G network. As for the NFC, which allows contactless payment, nearly a third (31%) do not know what it is or if their phone is equipped. Finally, 26% of respondents would agree to pay with their mobile for small amounts and only 5% for large amounts.

27% of French socionauts ready to buy via a social network

1605993567 340 The last 3 studies to discoverThe National Union of Direct Communication (SNCD) has just published the first results of the 2012 edition of its “Social Media Attitude” study, all of which will be disclosed next Thursday as part of the E-commerce Paris 2012. This survey is based on the participation of more than 25 brands from different sectors and on the responses of a panel of 11,000 respondents.

Among the first figures put forward:

  • 36% of social users are fans of at least one brand.
  • 15% of social users have become customers thanks to a social network.
  • 27% of social media are ready to buy via a social network.
  • 32% of social users have already posted an opinion on a brand or a product.