The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

25% of users Twitter would never have tweeted…. 29% of tablonauts are T-buyers…. The world matters 2.3 billion internet users…. Focus on three new studies.

25% of Twitter users would never have tweeted


The Beevolve company recently published a very detailed study relating to the uses and profiles of Twitter users. Spotted by the site GigaOm and by the Big Browser blog du Monde, this large-scale survey is based on the analysis of nearly 36M tweeters, out of the 140M active users claimed by the micro-blogging site.

Without surprise, the study reveals that the most followers of Twitter are the young owners of smartphones living in the United States. Women would be more present (53%) than men on the platform and would also tweet more than men.

However, in the particular case of France, there are more men on the network (60%), a case also observed in emerging countries, in opposition to countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States. United.

Regarding content, the figures seem to stick to stereotypes since women post messages relating to family and fashion in particular, while men use Twitter to talk about sports and technology.

Another key figure from this analysis: 25% of subscribers surveyed would never have tweeted on the micro-blogging platform. In addition, users are followed, on average, by 208 followers. And, 81% of respondents would have less than 50 followers.

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29% of tablonauts are T-buyers

1605984408 686 The last 3 studies to discoverIn a fund analysis, Médiamétrie looks back on a study entitled: “T-Commerce: When purchasing becomes tactile again”, presented at the e-commerce fair. The survey, carried out in partnership with Fevad, recalls that tablets are still a niche device with 10% of households equipped and 3.2 million users in May 2012.

Focusing primarily on the “e-commerce” dimension offered by this medium, the Médiamétrie survey highlights, for example, to what extent the tablet is used before in-store purchase. Indeed, 40% of tablonauts inquire on their tablet before making a purchase in store, against 22% of mobile users.

In addition, more than 9 out of 10 tablet users visited an e-commerce site in the second quarter. According to the survey, tablonauts, because of their purchasing power, would be much less looking for online promotions than simple Internet users. In addition, they would also be less likely to share opinions and information than users of other media.

In addition to consulting merchant sites, tablonauts turn out to be real buyers. Indeed, 29% of them are already T-buyers, or 960,000. A figure up 71% in 6 months.
A percentage which drops to 21% among mobile users, or 4.5 million excluding the purchase of applications, and an increase of 32%.

The world has 2.3 billion internet users

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2.3. This is the figure in billions of Internet users in the world according to a recent report by the UN agency UIT, relayed by AFP. This would be an 11% increase in the number of Internet users in the space of a year.

In detail, China today represents 23% of Internet users in the world. The share of developing countries increased from 44% in 2006 to 62% in 2011. However, the penetration rates in developing (24%) and developed (70%) countries are still very unequal.

In addition, the world currently accounts for 6 billion mobile subscriptions, an increase of 600M in one year. “China alone has 1 billion subscribers, and India should also reach the billion mark in 2012,” said AFP.