The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Bleess democratizes the use of AirPlay among all box owners … The application Last Metro finally answers the eternal question: at what time to end the evening? … Communicate by replicas of films interposed on mobile with Cultcut… Focus on three new applications.

Bleess is an iOS video application for viewing a video on a television from a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.


Compatible with boxes using DLNA technology or Roku brand products, the application is aimed at owners of boxes such as LaBox or BBox. Thanks to Bleess, launching a video makes it possible to choose a connected box as the destination, which will be able to imitate Freebox subscribers benefiting from the similar Freebox Air Media service.

Created by 6 HETIC students, Last Metro is an application allowing you to never miss the last metro.


Last Metro allows you to program an alarm to be warned before the last metro passes to the station closest to the user, on weekdays or weekends. For the moment only available in Paris, the application should soon integrate new cities. It is available on the App Store.

Cultcut is mobilizing to develop its new language on iPhone and Android based on the exchange of cult replicas of cinema.


The Cultcut application will thus allow its users to send Cuts directly from their mobiles. Managed by the Parisian start-up Cut Medias SAS and endowed with an evolving catalog of nearly 1,500 lines classified by themes, films, actors or keywords, the application allows you to consult and share, but also to upload sequences 14 seconds maximum.