The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Launch of MixoTV, programs in line with your interests …Hot Hotels : book a room at the last minute, at half price …App Contest selects and collects the competitions of the moment… Focus on 3 new applications.

3 apps

[Lancement] MixoTV, programs in line with your interests

Mixotv is a TV guide application which is based on the tastes of its users and their friends, to offer them programs that suit their interests.

For this, it uses the Social Graph, which allows it to retrieve information on the interests of its users via their Facebook and Twitter pages. It then offers them access to TV programs of the day, sorting them according to their interests.

They can also program alerts on certain programs, with a reminder by email before their broadcast and by notification on smartphone 15 minutes before the start.

Mixotv is available on ios since this morning and should soon be launched on Android and Windows Phone. The start-up recently raised € 300,000 from Business Angels.

Hot Hotels: book a room at the last minute, at half price

Hot Hotels is a new application for booking hotel rooms at the last minute. It allows its users to consult and reserve a hotel room at half price, at the last moment, and directly from its interface.

It thus offers hoteliers the possibility of maximizing their occupancy rate by leaving their hotel room reservations open until the last minute the same evening, while guaranteeing mobile users up to 50% reduction on the price of ‘a standard room.

It is currently possible to book a room in 33 French cities such as Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille or Strasbourg.

The application is already available for free on ios, Android and Blackberry. It also exists for two other countries: Spain and England.

hot hotels

AppConcours selects and brings together the best contests of the moment

Launched in November 2012, App Contest is presented as the 1st mobile application that allows you to access and play directly the best web and mobile quizzes of the moment.

It thus prevents Internet and mobile users from browsing a large number of media and brand sites to participate in their contests, since it brings them together on a single platform. All types of contests are offered: questionnaires, like Facebook or retweet for drawing lots, winning moments, comments or even an email to communicate. These allow you to win many prizes: DVDs, trips, gift vouchers, shows, etc.

The contests offered are only chosen by the editorial staff, and updated every morning. The latter favors formats adapted to mobile, therefore easy to access and use.

AppContest is available for free on ios.

competition app