The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Owni launches the “Who’s Who interactive” of the government, iLMP : the new radio plugin for iTunes, Thirst, the new application that reinvents Twitter… Zoom on these three new applications.

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Owni launches the government’s interactive Who’s Who

The pure player Owni, specialized in data journalism, has just put online a new web application to better understand our new government. Baptized Holland.gouv, this highlights the trajectories of each of the 34 personalities. Studies, experiences, previous mandates or even casseroles … Everything is under the magnifying glass! Thus, for each minister, deputy minister or secretary of state, the web-application offers Internet users a detailed mini-biography. Interactive and ergonomic, all you have to do is pass your mouse over the face in question to know “who is who”.

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iLMP: the new radio plugin for iTunes

The French start-up Todae recently developed a plugin allowing iTunes users direct access to a stream of over 350 radios. Once the pluggin is downloaded and installed, a small icon is placed at the bottom left of the iTunes window. The user just has to click to open a command window and choose the radio station he wishes to listen to (RTL, France Inter, Europe1, France Bleu, RMC, Sud Radio, NRJ, Nostalgie, Skyrock, Fun Radio , Virgin Radio, RFM, Chérie FM, RL2, Laughter and songs, MFM, Le Mouv ‘, France Info, Radio Classique, Nova, yes FM). It is also possible to add radios and create a favorites tab. Completely free, the service is only available on PC for the moment. A mac version should be released at the start of the next school year.

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Thirst, the app that reinvents Twitter

IPad app Thirst gives new life to your Twitter account. Recently launched, it allows you to reorganize your stream of tweets in the form of a 2.0 magazine, like for example what Flipboard already offers. In addition to this “design” aspect, the application also makes it possible to filter, in the most relevant way possible, the posts published on the microblogging platform. Thirst thus makes it possible to create themes grouping together tweets addressing the same subjects. Today, for example, we could see a Facebook theme appear and another around Pinterest. Cited in Mashable, Anuj Verma, co-founder of the start-up publisher, explains: “I wanted to make an app that shows you the things you want to see, regardless of how often you go on Twitter” . For the moment Thirst is only available on iPad, an iPhone version should soon be released. No certainty for the moment on an Android version.

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