The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Outside take care of you, Open garden : share your Internet connection, Cloud Player finally available on iOS… Focus on three new applications.

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Open Garden: share your Internet connection

This application offers smartphone and tablet users the possibility to share their Internet connection with each other. To implement it, users must each have downloaded Open Garden and be close to each other.

When there is no direct internet access in the network, the application automatically searches for another device (phone or computer) with the best possible connection. The application also allows to interconnect different devices, iPhone, tablet, or computer.

According to site information “Despite criticism from mobile telephone operators fearing loss of revenue, the CEO of Open Garden believes that the application could be beneficial to them insofar as it allows them to unclog their 3G or 4G networks by transferring traffic to higher capacity Wi-Fi networks. “

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Outside takes care of you

The start-up 100More, a healthcare specialist, will launch Outside, a self-measuring app focused on consumers and aimed at empowering them in the long term. It will be fed by health-oriented databases to predict lifespan as well as the onset of possible diseases. It will then offer the user ways to improve their health.

100Plus had already launched the application in early 2012 100Proof, which identifies by a quiz the number of hours of life that the user has lost while drinking. The application then offers ideas for exercises that can “repair” the damage caused.

Cloud Player finally available on iOS

The Cloud Player application, which already existed for 1 year on Android, made its debut yesterday on theAmerican App Store. It allows you to access your personal music stored online to listen to it in streaming or download it. The only function that has not been taken over from Android is the purchase of music through the app on the Amazon mp3 Store.

Customers who choose one of the paid storage options (20 euros minimum for 20GB) will be able to take advantage of a promotion that will offer them unlimited space for MP3 and AAC files.

Cloud Player is accessible from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers, and is available in applications on Android and ios.

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