The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Saga: the application that scans your entire daily life, Fake Follower Check detects spam bots on Twitter, Normalize tackles Instagram filters… Focus on three new web and mobile applications.

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How Saga wants to make your iPhone a new life companion

Launched last July, Saga is a new iPhone application, presented as a real “mobile companion”. The application automatically records all your movements and habits. The user does not even need to check or enter other information on his mobile. As it is used, Saga assimilates your way of life and will offer you ideas for going out to nearby places that you are supposed to enjoy.

By recording your entire daily life, the application also offers to retrace how you have taken advantage of your time via infographics or by giving you a few anecdotes about yourself. Saga is finally based on a rating system. The user can thus earn points according to the exits he performs.

A sort of new generation Big Brother, the technology developed in this application is part of a trend called “The Age of context”. For the most skeptical (and there will undoubtedly be some), the publishing start-up affirms that all the data processed remains entirely confidential and is not communicated to third parties. The start-up also specifies that using the application considerably drains your phone’s battery.

According to the various comments, the functionalities of Saga are not yet optimal… We did not dare to check!

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Fake Follower Check detects fake followers on Twitter

Web application Fake Follower Check, developed by StatusPeople, allows you to check how many fake profiles are following your Twitter account. Better yet, the app calculates the number of fake followers that other accounts you follow have.

The American site Mashable, for example, highlighted that 33% of the followers of the @Twitter account were in fact robots, a score which reached 44% for the @facebook account.

After performing some tests on our side, we see that Korben’s account contains 10% fake followers, while Norman’s account has more than 40% spam bots. LadyGaga would be followed by 32% of fake accounts.

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Normalize goes to war with Instagram

Posted on July 16, Normalize can be defined as the new anti-Instagram app.

The principle is simple: remove all the filters from a photo to restore it to its true nature. The concept was developed by Joe Macirowski, who no longer supported the countless number of lambdas photos published with the filters of the famous Instagram photo application.

With Normalize, the user simply has to download the edited snapshot. An algorithm then takes care of rebalancing all the data of the photo to reveal its initial appearance…. Enough to make the 80 million amateur photographers who are Instagram followers disillusioned.

It should nevertheless be specified that, according to the photos processed, the result is more or less convincing for an application marketed € 0.79. Normalize is only available on the App Store.

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