The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Football Channel App, the new Social TV application from Canal Plus… Find the city of your dreams with ChangerdevilleThanks Alfred comes to your iPhone! … Zoom in on three new applications.

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Canal football App, the new Social TV application from Canal Plus

Canal Football App is a mobile application that allows football fans to access real-time video content and enhance the experience of the live match.
This application developed by Netco Sports (specialist in sports applications) allows viewers to access exclusive videos before and after matches, to have enriched statistics on each player’s teams and game, to rate the game and players and compare their ratings with those of subscribers, and many more. A true source of exclusive information on a second screen.

Canal Football App is available for free on ios and Android.

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Find the city of your dreams with Changerdeville

Changerdeville is a Facebook application allowing you to find the city corresponding to your life aspirations.

The principle is simple: select the type of geographical destination desired and the socio-economic criteria that are most important to you. Depending on your choices, ten cities will be offered to you. For each of them, you will have synthetic information such as the profile of the inhabitants, their situation in relation to your centers of interest and your needs, etc.
In the end, you can rate your “favorite” cities, share them on Facebook and consult the corresponding job offers and real estate advertisements.

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Thank you Alfred is coming to your iPhone!

The famous website Merci Alfred is finally available on iPhone! Crazy bars, clandestine picnics, unusual evenings, everything is now gathered in your pocket.

A major innovation is also appearing on the application: the Merci Alfred simulator. Say who you are with and what you want, and the app finds the best deals for you. The app also contains a geolocation tool and a news feed with all the latest Thanks Alfred plans.