The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Freevore : free paid apps in exchange for tests… Sportsmen: Reebok and Spotify are preparing your Fitlist…. Feedly, a credible alternative to Flipboard…. Focus on three new mobile applications.

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Freevore: free paid apps in exchange for tests

Freevore is a brand new iPhone app that allows you to earn paid apps. The mobile user simply has to answer questionnaires after testing free applications. In exchange for participating, the user receives points that allow him to purchase other applications. Freevore, created by the start-up Mediaswapp, is completely free.

Thanks to this system, application developers can direct their updates by directly taking into account user comments.

As part of its launch, Freevore is offering a temporary offer: a free application test corresponds to a paid application worth € 0.79. Among the paid applications offered: Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Ski Safari and Cut The Rope.

Feedly, a credible alternative to Flipboard

The Californian start-up Feedly recently launched a brand new version of its mobile application available on smartphones and tablets. Like the FlipBoard application, Feedly allows you to read your Google Reader feed on a very intuitive interface with a sophisticated design. The navigation is done horizontally and a few finger slides allow you to perform various actions, such as saving articles, marking them as read or even closing them with a simple double click.

In addition to Google Reader, the application now offers further integration of Instapaper, Pocket as well as Twitter and Facebook. Also on the menu, a selection of articles by section. Feedly is also available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, allowing users to find all their actions on their computers.

Sportsmen: Reebok and Spotify prepare your Fitlist

If you are tired of always listening to the same playlist while doing your daily sport, the application Fitlist is for you!

Reebok has partnered with Spotify to create bespoke playlists that perfectly meet one goal: boost your workouts with music and artists that match your musical tastes and the difficulty of the planned workout.

The user therefore specifies the activity practiced (jogging, running, yoga, etc.), the duration of the session and its level of intensity, and an artist around whom to base the playlist. For this, it can rely on more than 17M titles offered in the Spotify catalog. The athlete can also choose from pre-assembled playlists by Reebok athletes and celebrities, or those of other users.

The application, directly integrated with Spotify, is free. You simply need to be a user of the music network. The Zumba playlist is yours!