The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

[Recommandation] AppsFit : applications according to your centers of interest…. Yes We Want : the principle of group purchases applied to mobile applications…. Foap or how to sell your iPhone photos for 5 dollars…. Focus on three new applications.
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AppsFit: applications based on your interests

Available since last Thursday, AppsFit application joins the many app recommendation services. AppsFit differentiates itself, however, thanks to its search engine which suggests applications based on profile and interests of the user.

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When you register, AppsFit therefore offers you to fill out a form by selecting the areas of interest that suit you the most and some information about you: gender, age, location, outings, occupations … Depending on each center of interest, the application then offers promotions, “must-haves” and new products.

Thanks to its algorithms, AppsFit also highlights the most popular applications.

Available on the app store and Google play, the application offers, finally, every day free applications temporarily.

FIT, the Parisian start-up editor of this new application, was co-founded by Antoine Haarman and Antoine Buffet.

Yes We Want: the principle of group purchases applied to mobile applications

Launched last November 5, Yes We Want is a new iPhone application that applies the principle of group purchasing to the acquisition of applications. With the slogan, “Union is strength”, Yes We Want suggests mobile users to unite to lower the prices of certain applications.

For their part, publishers can offer attractive prices – sometimes going as far as free – while ensuring the attractiveness of their product and the profitability of the operation.

In addition, “wanters” can themselves offer (or “wanter”) applications for which they wish to obtain a promotion. If there are enough of them, the Yes We Want teams will take care of getting it for them.

The Yes We Want application is published by the start-up I See U, based in Perpignan.

Foap or how to sell your iPhone photos for 5 dollars

Developed by a Swedish start-up, FOAP is an iPhone application which allows mobile users to sell their photos taken from their smartphone on an online marketplace.

Concretely, once registered and by adding the information of his Paypal account, the user uploads a photo. He must then tag it with different keywords so that potential buyers can find it easily. Once validated by the FOAP teams, the photos are uploaded and available on the market place. The photos are sold for 10 dollars each and the start-up takes, all the same, 50% of the amount for each sale.

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Launched last July by David Los and and Alexandra Bylund, FOAP today boasts 150,000 downloads and more than a million photos posted on the Foap Market. Building on its success, the start-up recently launched a new version of the application which notably allows mobile users to invite friends to use the service, by gaining 10% on their future sales. Also new: the community can now rate photos and accept them on the market. After 5 ratings, each photo will either be validated or refused, if the rating does not exceed 2.5.

Among the buyers, FOAP identifies media, advertising agencies and various tourism specialists.

Free, the application is available on the app store and should soon be available on Google Play. The start-up specifies that it is currently raising funds from Swiss and Swedish private investors.