The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

American HotelTonight arrives in France…. Dotscreen and Télé Star launch a new Social TV guide on iPad…. PassVIP : new application of good geolocated plans…. Focus on three new applications.

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The American HotelTonight arrives in France

Launched in December 2012, the American start-up HotelTonight has developed a mobile application eponymous which allows you to book a hotel at the last minute from your mobile. The start-up announces today its launch in France,
Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, the application allows book in a few seconds a room for the same evening from a selection of available hotels. The mobile application offers every day, from noon to 2 a.m., three tips for booking a hotel at the last minute.

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HotelTonight also emphasizes personalization with a geolocation system, preferences and a budget tool.

Since its launch, HotelTonight has already raised nearly $ 35M from Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, US Venture Partners and First Round Capital in particular. The start-up boasts nearly 1,500 partners around the world and is present in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, but also in around sixty destinations.

In France and Belgium, the Marseille start-up VeryLastRoom, founded in August 2011 by Nicolas Salin and Sébastien Houzé, offers a similar service.

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Dotscreen and Télé Star launch a new guide to Social TV on iPad

The social TV specialist DotScreen and Télé Star have just launched a new guide to social TV on iPad. Free, the application allows users to find out in real time the TV programs that generate the most buzz on social networks.

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Based on the technology of the French company Mesagraph, the application also allows you to view all the tweets available on each program. The user in turn can tweet, like and share on their TV programs.

The application also provides access to a guide to more than 180 series, with each of them a complete history of seasons and episodes as well as photos and videos.

Also on the menu, the possibility of watching public channels live on your iPad.

PassVIP: new application for good geolocated plans

Imagined by Olivier Le Floch, Stéphane Guillemot and Philippe Lehartel, the PassVIP application aims to encourage mobile users to go to physical stores while unearthing good deals.

Free, the application lists 72,000 daily points of sale, 6,000 restaurants and 7,000 hotels throughout France. A range of offers offered by PassVIP are directly accessible from Passbook and the company has also formed various partnerships with players such as or

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On the other hand, the application allows merchants to generate additional traffic in their points of sale for € 29 per month.

In an already very crowded market, PassVIP could perhaps do well thanks to the extent of its partnerships.