The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Taxiloc, what if tourists could communicate with a Parisian taxi in their language? …HomePad, the inventory on iPad …Flipboard finally available for 10 inch Android tablets …

3 applications

Taxiloc, tourists can communicate with a Parisian taxi in their language!

Taxiloc is a real-time control system available as a ios and Android. The 17,000 Parisian taxi drivers can receive alerts via their GPS navigator connected.

The application incorporates a direct interactive messaging functionality, available in 5 languages ​​(French, English, German, Italian, Spanish) which allows the driver and his customer to communicate in order to exchange information during the approach phase.

The customer thus receives a countdown message before pick-up in his own language and the driver understands the requests …


HomePad, the inventory on iPad

Developed “by and for professionals”, HomePad is a free real estate app intended for carrying out inventory on iPad. In particular, it can be used to identify damage using keywords and taking pictures.

The inventory can be signed directly from the tablet before being transformed into a PDF file to send by email or store in the cloud. First available in Switzerland where it was awarded, the application has been available in France recently.


Flipboard finally available for 10 inch Android tablets

The famous iPad star news aggregator has been available as an Android version since mid-2012 but still did not have an optimized version for 10-inch Android tablets. The 7 inches were entitled to a variation of the smartphone version.

It is now done counting from today. Flipboard seems to have particularly taken care of the optimization on Samsung tablets in collaboration with the Korean manufacturer.