The last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

02 Minute Wait, the smart buffalo of hotlines and queues …FreeMute: cut the sound of advertisements by whistling… Share your cultural discoveries on Kwixer… Focus on 3 new applications.

3 apps

02 Minutes of Waiting, the smart bison of hotlines and queues

The site I want to wait (identified “Startup of the week by FrenchWeb in 2010), which references customer service or administration attendance tables, recently launched its mobile application 02 Minute Wait.

This offers attendance tables to choose the best time for an administrative procedure or a museum visit, as well as practical information on how to reserve tickets or find the right phone number. 02 Minutes of Waiting therefore brings together: opening and rush hours, telephone numbers and addresses, and time-saving tips.

The application is available for free on theApp Store.

02 minutes wait

FreeMute: mute commercials by whistling

Are you very disappointed that Free has reactivated advertising on the Internet? Do not panic, surfing the controversy developed by Free and its adblocker, the application FreeMute allows you to silence TV commercials with a hiss or snap of your fingers.

The principle is simple: activate the application when you watch television. As soon as an ad plays, whistle or snap your fingers, and FreeMute will replace your remote and automatically mute the current ad. An “increase / decrease the sound” function is said to be in development and could soon emerge.

FreeMute is currently only compatible with FreeBoxes and available on Android and should arrive on iOS very soon.

Share your cultural discoveries on Kwixer

Kwixer is a mobile application half social network half engine of recommendations.

It allows its users to comment on their cultural activities: museums, cinema, literature, etc. And so whether or not to recommend a product or an activity. The more recommendations the mobile user makes, the more relevant they become. In exchange, they benefit from recommendations from Kwixer on products similar to their tastes.

The application also integrates Facebook and Twitter to be able to share its recommendations on social networks.

Kwixer is available on ios and on the Windows Phone Marketplace,