The keys to a successful marketing strategy

by bold-lichterman

The keys to a successful marketing strategyA graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, Hélène Draoulec began her career at Acticall in 2008 as Head of the group’s New Business team. She then joined the software publisher Diabolocom where she served as Marketing Director. In 2015, she opened Zendesk’s Southern European office in Paris and oversaw the area’s Marketing strategy. Marketing Director at Yext since April 2018, she has been defining the local marketing strategy for Southern Europe.

Yext is the leader in Digital Knowledge Management (DKM). Our mission: to give companies back control of their brand across the entire digital ecosystem of mapping services, applications, search engines, voice assistants and intelligent services that influence customer discoveries, actions and decisions. To date, thousands of companies such as Taco Bell, Rite Aid and Steward Health Care are already using the Yext Knowledge Engine ™ to manage their digital information while driving customer engagement, physical footfall and sales of their establishments.

FrenchWeb : What are the main objectives of your marketing strategy?

Hélène Draoulec: Like all BtoB marketers I believe, we have two main objectives at Yext: develop awareness and generate leads.

On the one hand, “Brand Awareness” gives us the opportunity to build the brand over the long term and to position ourselves in the ecosystem of digital marketing players in France. On the other hand, we don’t spend a euro without thinking about the return on investment. At Yext, marketing is a real business partner.

What is your major problem in terms of communication?

We are developing a whole new category for the French market: Digital Knowledge Management. This is to allow companies to control their brand through the digital ecosystem of mapping services, applications, search engines, voice assistants and intelligent services.

So today we have a big evangelization work with major accounts to make them realize that some of their recurring “pain points” in their digital strategy can be solved by Yext. Visibility is really our hobbyhorse.

What are the most effective marketing tools?

Today, the sinews of war is for a brand to be present everywhere. There have never been so many points of interaction between a brand and its customers. 73% of intended to buy traffic takes place outside of the website. And the “Voice” and “Instant Messaging” channels keep on gaining weight.
Brands must therefore, as a priority, regain control of their data in this immense digital ecosystem.

Digital Knowledge Management is establishing itself not only as a essential marketing tool for brands, and even as a strategy that must be led by top management.

When it comes to your lead generation strategy, which channels do you prioritize activating?

We activate as a priority the channels that allow us hyper-personalization: paid media, mailers, 1to1 events. We came back from mass marketing. We prefer to do little but well to bring maximum value to the company. Less is more!

What advice would you give for a successful webinar?

Be prepared and anticipate well. Communication must be planned upstream at least 6 weeks before the event around a theme and a very specific audience. On D-Day, you must provide a community manager in addition to the speaker to respond directly to questions from participants. And after the webinar, it is important to implement a personalized follow-up based on the questions asked by the participants. Thanks to this very structured approach, we signed two new clients following our last webinar FrenchWeb.

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