The Jura start-up Hiptest bought by the American SmartBear

by bold-lichterman

Hiptest, a real-time software testing solution in the cloud, falls into the American fold. The start-up, based in Besançon – but which already had a foothold on the other side of the Atlantic with an office in San Francisco – has just been bought by the American software publisher SmartBear, specializing in development tools.

Hiptest is developing a real-time SaaS testing platform, tailored to the needs of Agile and DevOps teams, allowing them to collaborate on an idea, continuously test code, and produce documentation. The solution is currently used by more than 25,000 people in 140 countries.

Hiptest was created in December 2014 by Laurent Py, Séverine Darlot, Joan Racenet, Vincent Prêtre and Christophe Bliard. In March 2016, the start-up had raised 500,000 euros from the Cap Innov’Est fund.

All Hiptest employees, including its co-founders, have joined SmartBear to further develop the Hiptest product and business. In the press release announcing the operation, the terms of which are not specified, SmartBear indicates that it wants to continue to develop Hiptest in Besançon, as well as its intention to develop its activities in France.