The it-tech of the week: Twine, the American Big Mother of your house

by bold-lichterman

The project presented on Kickstarter raised $ 550,000 while the goal was $ 35,000. He approaches the French Mother de

Twine is a project of SuperMechanical, a Texan startup specializing in the design and manufacture of connected everyday objects. “It allows you to create systems and objects connected to the Internet wherever you have WiF” explains the company on its Kickstartup page where it has raised more than 550,000 dollars on an object of 35,000 dollars.

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twine 2

The kit sold for 190 dollars on Amazon consists of a blue box connected to the internet thanks to wifi, and small printed circuits dedicated to a specific task. In particular, they can measure temperature or identify vibrations. Other probes, which can measure humidity for example, are also available.

The principle: alert you by a notification, on your smartphone when a scheduled event takes place: if the front door is not closed properly, when your machine is finished or when your cat leaves the house. The user can be notified by SMS, e-mail or… Twitter. All these parameters are defined on the Twine webapp, which works as well on a computer as on an iPhone.