The government will release 75 to 100 million euros to train 13 million French people in digital technology

by bold-lichterman

Despite the omnipresence of new technologies in our daily lives, many people still remain on the digital fringes. According to the Mission Société Numérique, led by the government, no less than 13 million French people remain far from digital. In detail, 13% of the population over the age of 18, or 6.7 million French adults, never connect to the Internet. 14% of them have already used the Internet before giving it up, often out of lack of interest or lack of skills. To this figure are added 7 million “remote” Internet users, who are not at ease with digital technology.Apple-converted-space “>

20% of French people deprived of digital tools

For Mounir Mahjoubi, access to digital technology in France comes up against a two-headed problem. “We are facing a double digital divide. The first concerns accessibility with mobile Internet and very high speed Internet. The state will invest 3 billion euros with operators on mobile networks. We must move forward on this question of white areas“, Estimates the Secretary of State in charge of Digital.Apple-converted-space “> sets itself the objective of training 100,000 people each year in digital tools throughout France while Facebook wants to train 65,000 people in digital technology in France by 2019. In the same vein, Microsoft launched at the start year a course dedicated to artificial intelligence within its French campus, in Issy-les-Moulineaux.