“The government has once again cut the pockets of the telecoms industry”

by bold-lichterman

The inconstancy seems to be a constancy of policies … While in October 2013, Fleur Pellerin, then in charge of digital, castigated the Cope tax in front of the deputies: “I therefore want – and this is, moreover, a commitment from the President of the Republic – not to increase the tax allocation, that is to say levied on the telecoms sector and allocated to other sectors, because it does not correspond today to any economic logic ”, the now Minister of Culture has just obtained the vote of an amendment, during the examination of the 2016 draft budget, increasing this same tax by 0.1%, after having already obtained an increase of 0.3% effective last September.

This tax, introduced by the Sarkozy government in 2009, was intended to finance the shortfall of France Televisions following the cessation of advertising after 8 pm. Its revenues are said to be nearly 300 million euros and are today allocated directly to the State budget, which redistributes it in part, in the form of an endowment to France Television. Endowment which has continued to decrease since 2013.

Didier Casas, President of the French Federation of Telecom (SFR / Orange / Bouygues Telecom) did not fail to react to our colleagues from AFP: “The government perseveres in error less than a month after a first rise and has once again hit the pockets of the telecoms industry despite commitments made at the highest level of the State ”.