The global very high speed broadband market is expected to soar 95% in 5 years

by bold-lichterman

Different regions of the world will not choose the same technologies, however.

The global very high speed broadband market is expected to reach 182 billion euros in 2017 according to a study by Idate, a research company specializing in telecommunications, the Internet and the media. A figure which represents the revenues linked to the development of subscriptions. Within 5 years, the sector should experience growth of 95%


In the short term, “the growth prospects remain very important since very high speed technologies represented 22% of all broadband access subscriptions in mid-2013” explains Valérie Chaillou, head of FTTx analyzes at the institute. . But all regions of the world will not be in the same boat since the penetration rate is expected to reach 49% in Eastern Europe in five years, more than the 32% envisaged in Western Europe.

In this market, three technologies will compete. That of FTTH / B should dominate in Asia-Pacific and in the world in 2013, Western Europe and North America opting more for FTTLA, with the exception of many incumbent operators of the Old Continent who are will look at VDSL.

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