The French Visiomed launches its “connected medicine” application

by bold-lichterman

After presenting its two new solutions BewellCheck-up and MyDoc at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas, the French company Visiomed announces the launch of its application today. This brings together the two so-called “connected” medicine services.

“BewellCheck-up is an expert system that performs a first diagnostic orientation. It indicates to the user the procedure to follow according to the analysis of the vital constants measured from his connected medical health device: glucometer, blood pressure monitor, ECG… ”, details Visiomed. It is then that the MyDoc medical tele-advice platform intervenes, which allows the patient to interact with a doctor using data from BewellCheck-up. To secure exchanges, Visiomed ensures that the data is hosted on HDS servers approved by the Ministry of Health.

Commercial partnerships

To accelerate the adoption of its solution, Visiomed, which achieved a turnover of 13.3 million euros in 2014, not only wants to market its offer directly to individuals, but also to establish partnerships with large groups, like insurers or even telecom operators, said in January Eric Sebban, the founder.

“BewellConnect® connected medical devices make it possible to collect vital patient data, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, which has demonstrated a rate of 87% * (* tests carried out at Lariboisière hospital) of consistent diagnoses and the complementarity of the teleconsulting platform, a new experience in health, ”says Eric Sebban, founder and CEO of Visiomed Group. “We will gradually, starting with France, deploy our subscription offers wherever we are present in the world to achieve a first ambitious goal of 1 million subscribers”.

Interview with Eric Sebban, CEO of Visiomed, published in September 2015: