The French of Nuxeo raise 10 million dollars to accelerate internationally

by bold-lichterman

Nuxeo, designer of an ECM platform (Enterprise Content Management, enterprise content management), has just raised 10 million dollars (8.8 million euros) from Kennet Partners. This is the first round table held by the French open source publisher since 2013.

Founded in 2000, Nuxeo offers a platform for managing complex content and digital assets for businesses. Extensible and modular, it allows architects and developers to create content management applications. Nuxeo claims more than 1,000 organizations on its platform, including Electronic Arts, AFP, Orange and even Boeing.

The United States, Nuxeo’s priority

In the ECM market, Nuxeo must contend with competition from Microsoft, which publishes SharePoint, a series of software for Web applications dedicated in particular to content management and the creation of decision-making statistics. Other players are active in this sector, such as Alfresco. “The ECM market is undergoing a radical transformation, due to 3 major disruptions: complexity of data, volume of digital content and diversity of distribution channels. However, legacy systems are not able to cope with the exponential needs of companies to manage their content., notes Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo.

With this new investment, the French group intends to accelerate its international deployment. This expansion will be based in particular on increased sales in North America and continued growth in Europe and Asia. The United States appears to be a priority for the French publisher since it is now in Uncle Sam’s country that the company generates half of its turnover, according to information communicated by Nuxeo.