The French of LocalEyes get closer to the Italian BeMyEye

by bold-lichterman

The amount

LocalEyes, a Parisian start-up specializing in the collection of marketing data in real time and in crowdsourcing, has just announced its merger with BeMyEye, an Italian company present on the market. In the wake of this union, the Franco-Italian tandem completed a first joint funding round of 6.5 million euros with venture capital funds Nauta Capital, 360 Capital Partners and P101. The conditions for this merger of the capital of the new structure have not been specified. BeMyEye is at the origin of this merger.

The market

The merger of LocalEyes with BeMyEye constitutes a marriage between two European players in the collection of marketing data via mobile crowdsourcing. They thus allow brands and advertisers to have immediate feedback on their merchandising operations with consumers.

With this in mind, the two applications offer their users to carry out paid missions (store-check, marketing research…) For brands, depending on their geocation. These tasks then make it possible to generate data on the perception of a product, both in terms of its presentation in store and in terms of its ease of use or price. Competition in this sector has increased in recent months. Thus, Clic and Walk, Mobeye or even Tcheck’it are all rivals in the market for the collection of marketing data in real time.

The objectives of the Start-up

The new entity intends to continue to grow in order to expand across Europe. To achieve this, the Parisian start-up plans to launch a recruitment phase (10 positions) and enhance the functionality of its application. Together, the two companies claim 250,000 European users, in Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France).

CEO: Luca Pagano

Seat : Milan

Activity: Real-time and crodwsourcing marketing data collection

Funding: 6.5 million euros raised in May 2016

Competitors: Clic and Walk, Mobeye, Tcheck’it …